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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Transferring Names To GoDaddy – 30 Day Gotcha

Update 090709: FIXED! Just noticed that a domain transfer I purchased didn’t actually initiate. I didn’t receive the usual request for the Transaction ID and Security Code that GoDaddy uses to begin the transfer procedure. Checking the status of my transfer I see a new bit of information there, The transfer cannot be processed because […]

Domain Name For Sale: Buy It Now $5999 Terms available. Traffic: March-52 April-55 May-51 That’s “type-in” traffic, meaning, people looking for a plumber in Anaheim are typing into their browser address bar expecting to find the solution to their plumbing problem. How many jobs would it take to pay for that domain name? […]

Domain Name For Sale: $450 Google Search Results: 147,000 for “bicycle repair kit” 2,250,000 for bicycle repair kit Ebay Search Results: 88 results found for bicycle repair kit Why generic domain names are a better way to brand your business.