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Monthly Archives: March 2010

First Names Make Great Brands!

For more information or to make an offer, email me. Most of my domains are priced low to mid 4 figures. I’m up for creative deals. Like the names but not your niche? I can find you a great name for a reasonable price. Lots more elsewhere in the blog or email me! Looking for […]

Freak Magnets

I think this is a very powerful name for a band. I love the built-in merch angle.  

Inane Domain Names –

I’m starting a collection of inane domain names. will resolve to this page on the blog. If it generates enough interest I’ll move it to it’s own site at some point. Please send me your favorite Inane Domain Names (and why you think they’re inane)! Are you kidding me? Task + Rabbit = […]


Have you been to Brazil?  Saudade de Brazil. Imagine having a site/business that would take you to Brazil a few times a year. I can dream can’t I! (Click arrow to listen) Brazilian Bermimbau