Domain Consulting

I call it domain diligence. I analyze your place in the domainosphere, paying special attention to other domains I think you should own in order to protect your brand. I look for people squatting your brand. I also look for opportunities to ‘upgrade’ your domains and where applicable, research the owners of those domains. I present my findings and make recommendations. I charge $150.

If you’re looking to name a company or blog I can help find your domain. I have great tools to crunch the keywords around your ‘we’re like this for that’, and I know where to find secondary market domains at reasonable prices. I can advise on negotiating a domain purchase or do it for you. I can suggest various acquisition strategies (lease to own, cash plus equity etc). Pricing for this service depends on the amount of time, negotiation and paperwork involved.

If you own great domains and are willing to make them available for sale at a fixed price, especially if you’ll do down payment + multi year payment lease to own deals, I’ll help you sell them. I’m looking for brandable, but not made up, words and phrases in the $10-40K range. For example: Haystack, Thimble, Tractor, Mountain, Cactus.

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