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Is $2000 Too Much To Pay For A Great Startup Domain?

As an example to startups especially, I wanted to highlight this recent auction as an example of the kinds of domains that can be acquired for reasonable prices. If you’re getting ready to launch and are facing the difficult task of finding the right name consider enlisting my help. I know where and how to […]

Crowdsourced Recipe Platform /

Sure it’s a little wonky to say, but in fact, it is a perfect name for a crowdsourced cooking site. Short, defensible, and unforgettable. A recipe we made, a wecipe!

Branding With Available Domain Names – A Case Study

When you have a ‘great’ idea, one of the first-actions you can take is to register the best domains you can find to brand the idea. Even if you don’t execute, the perfect domain name may turn out to have some value later when someone else discovers the idea and decides they want to build […]