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Memory Helmet

There is a permanent record of the stream of consciousness within the brain. …hidden in the interpretive areas of the temporal lobes, there a key mechanism that unlocks the past… (Penfield, PNAS, 1958) [Update 7/14 Wow! DARPA just funded, to the tune of $37 million, two research teams to explore how memories are stored and […]

Odd Bedfellows


Giant Enemy Crab!

“Giant Enemy Crab” shows over a half million results in Google. The downside of an instant brand for your band (startup, app, game) is that you’ll have to work a little harder for that top score in the search engines.

Freak Magnets

I think this is a very powerful name for a band. I love the built-in merch angle.  

Band Name Wood Conk

Extremely difficult to find a cool band name with an available .com domain for it. I always have my ear out for a phrase that would make a great band name. I think I’m going to use this one myself. Wood Conk.