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Brandable Domain Names – There’s A Domain For That!

For more information or to make an offer please email me.  More great names here! (Where a Twitter handle is mentioned, I’m happy to transfer it to you for free at the conclusion of a domain sale.) Contact form, or email me…       Most of these domains are priced low to mid 4 […]

I look at a lot of names, usually around ideas of my own, but often around a trend that’s breaking. Here’s a couple of names I found irresistible today. ‘Collaborative consumption’ is a buzz word around the phenomenon of sharing things rather than owning them outright. It’s estimated, for example, that the average electric drill […]

Singular Vs Plural Keyword Domain Names?

Long story short: I personally would develop the variants and have one site be the “money site” and the other sites be doorway or reference sites that link to the money site. 301 redirect makes sense if there is existing traffic but odds are not much so you are better off creating something that is capable of being indexed and ranked.

NFC is coming. This domain registration is around an idea where a store or restaurant owner creates an NFC Here! sticker encoded with the information they want to share via NFC. That simple- log in to, fill out a short form, and pay for the number of stickers you want. A few days later, […]

Crowdsourced Recipe Platform /

Sure it’s a little wonky to say, but in fact, it is a perfect name for a crowdsourced cooking site. Short, defensible, and unforgettable. A recipe we made, a wecipe!


Have you been to Brazil?  Saudade de Brazil. Imagine having a site/business that would take you to Brazil a few times a year. I can dream can’t I! (Click arrow to listen) Brazilian Bermimbau

Domain Name For Sale: $450 Google Search Results: 147,000 for “bicycle repair kit” 2,250,000 for bicycle repair kit Ebay Search Results: 88 results found for bicycle repair kit Why generic domain names are a better way to brand your business.

Kissing Gum

Kissing Gum, what a great way to tell someone you’re in the mood. Domain is for sale or lease.