Verify Domain Ownership at DAN with TXT or DNS Record

Update: I recently discovered that (on Godaddy anyway) you can skip having to change the Nameservers to Godaddy long enough to add and verify the TXT record, by using the alternate DNS ownership verification method DAN provides.
Settings > Ownership > Verification via .hn tld
It looks like this and automatically verifies. Looks like this will be my preferred method moving forward. (P.S. Isn’t an awesome domain for an AI platform that learns to accomplish whatever you need done!)

I had a domain, (isn’t this an awesome name for a trash brand) listed for sale at but for some reason adding it to the Afternic distribution network would not stick. It would revert back to not submitted. It turned out there was an old listing at Afternic by a previous registrant. After an inquiry to Dan’s CS (always quick and very helpful in my experience) it was suggested I add either a verification Nameserver or TXT record. I tried the Nameserver method but ran into the same problem I’ve had trying to do this at Godaddy previously.

So I tried the TXT Record method. Thing is you have to revert the Nameservers to Godaddy’s before you can access the DNS. Which I did. Note TXT record in last row.
But before you change the nameservers back to Dan ( etc.), you need to have let Dan support know you’ve added it. Only after confirmation of them verifying the domain is yours do you revert the nameservers to Dan.
If I missed something please let me know in the comments.