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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Cat Scanners –

For sale or lease. Domain name only. These things are expensive! Great deal for a vendor. Google search: 607,000 for cat scanners, 66,500 for “cat scanners”.

Footer Maker

Taking a tip from Eric Borgos, who in our interview talked about keeping a list of projects handy so that whenever he met a new web developer, he could run the projects pass them to see if their skill set perfectly matched an idea. He’d found that when he could match a developer’s skill set […]

No Ads, No Clicks, No Revenue? What Business Model?

Something Chris Tolles, CEO of said on a This Week In Startups episode got this started. He stated that Content was worth $.08 to every $1. of Search. Thanks to the magic of Twitter, a DomainNoob like myself, was able to follow-up with Chris directly for details. He pointed me to research (here and […]

“The First Man Gets The Oyster…

the second man gets the shell.” Andrew Carnegie. Today marks the 4th year anniversary of My Trip To Domainland. 4 years ago I concluded a four figure deal on a domain name I’d owned for years. I bought it for a vanity video site where I planned to host my collection of off-beat backstage band […]