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No doubt there is a lot of shady stuff that goes on around domain names. And a lot of hate generated as a result. Occasionally I’ll see a domain dropping or in the auctions I think should rightfully belong to someone and rather than let it fall back into the endless churn I’ll nab it and try to get it to its ‘rightful owner’.  I’ve also reached out to non-profits and startups with their namesake dropping to let them know it’s heading for auction or available to register. I call this ‘goodwill domaining’.

An extreme example was helping Sal Khan get ( How We Got Sal ( His Dot Com) and then subsequently helped clean up their brand with domains like and, How We Got Sal (

In this case I saw that was winding down in the Godaddy auctions. It had a bid against it and to keep track of it I placed a bid as well and was later surprised to see I’d won the domain. Looking for a channel by which to communicate I ran across this WIPO case for the domain where Bruce and his legal team LOST a dispute against notorious (Canadian I’m embarrassed to say) cybersquatter Jeff Burgar. Bruce hosts his site at as a result.

I researched the lawyer’s names and available info in the WIPO case and didn’t find an obvious way to connect. The WHOIS for shows the domain is handled by MarkMonitor. I’ve sent a couple of emails their way but what usually leads to being contacted is forwarding the domain to a contact splash page where I’m clear about the domain being a gift and how to contact me.  I’ll forward the domain to this post. I encourage the domainers among you to keep an eye out for the opportunity to help out a non-profit, Mom & Pop business, or someone you’re a fan of. It might only cost you a few bucks and you know how much the right domain can mean to someone.

Naming and Domains –’s CEO Jason Chicola with Shaan Puri on the My First Million Podcast

Shaan Puri
Jason Chicola

Excerpt from the ‘Getting a Billion People Working From Home‘ episode of the My First Million podcast with Shaan Puri. The entire episode (linked to above) is great but I wanted to focus on what Jason Chicola shares about naming his company and acquiring the domain.  He demonstrates some hard-earned wisdom in his approach.

Chicola spent $400k to acquire (a huge part of their assets at the time).

  • Started off with a funky (animal + keyword) $12 Godaddy domain to make clear and specific their initial product offering. Knew it was temporary. “Spend no time at the beginning thinking about a name because the odds that your business is going to work are not super high”.
  • Only later when the business was working and they’d found a good product/market fit did he prioritize naming the company.
  • “It’s really a two part problem. One is picking a name that you love, and then figuring out can you get the domain name”.
  • Hired two domain brokers to research his name list.
  • Used Mechanical Turk to evaluate names…”What three words does this name evoke?”

New Names For Startups

Get it tidied up!
Probably keeping this one for a project but let’s get to work!
Fighting, wrestling, super hero, game. KYMAL!
Because some things are!
Impressive bio-sci startup name!
spot on time
On time!
Say it for me!
AI, Virtual Assistant
Restaurant, winery!
voiceovr $2800 + Escrow fees.
Wouldn’t it be!
slumberly $3200 + Escrow fees.

Start a Conversation

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ridona $2800 + Escrow fees












ridona $2800 + Escrow fees



rodly $2800 + Escrow fees


shouko $4200 + Escrow fees



Most of my domains are priced low to mid 4 figures.
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Looking for some perspective? What is a First Name Domain Worth?

One Domain Can Change Everything | NameCorp

Excellent summary of all the advantages to owning and building on a great domain name.
Read the full article: One Domain Can Change Everything

A Domain Name Is An Asset.

Say that with me again, so you understand the difference between buying a service and an asset. A domain name is an asset.

  • A domain name is not a toy.
  • A domain name is not just a thing for the Interweb.
  • A domain name is not something everybody will automatically remember.

A domain name is a highly valuable piece of intellectual property that you need to focus on getting right.

  • A domain name is something your staff has to spell every day
  • A domain name is the face of your company email
  • A domain name is your home on the web.

Try To Get It Right The First Time!

Change Your Name
“If you have a US startup called X and you don’t have, you should probably change your name.

The reason is not just that people can’t find you. For companies with mobile apps, especially, having the right domain name is not as critical as it used to be for getting users. The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness.
–Paul Graham 8, 2015

What I Learned Spending $1.5 Million on
“This is crazy for me. I used to be so against buying expensive domain names!”
– Noah Kagan Feb 16, 2017

How (and Why) We Purchased the Domain for $40,000
Since was taken, we registered I mean, all the hip new startups were using .io right?

Brutal Honesty: The Developer CEO & Our Journey
So, in the end, we went with a terrible domain name – “”. Could it be worse?
Captain Hindsight says we should have called it
The upgrade to cost them $675k

How to Name Your Startup
“The domain name doesn’t matter.”
My current startup is named Buffer, but the domain name is
— Written by Joel Gascoigne Jan 17, 2014
We acquired Here is how and why we did it

(At a cost of what’s estimated to be $600k)
– Rodolphe DutelMar 10, 2015

There’s A Domain For That – Startup Domains For Sale

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Most of my domains are priced low to mid 4 figures.
I’m up for creative deals.
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Bike sharing!


Most of my domains are priced low to mid 4 figures.
I’m up for creative deals.
Like the names but not your niche? I can find you a great name for a reasonable price.
Lots more elsewhere in the blog or email me!