Future Of .TV – I Thought They Were Kidding!

Talk is from PopTech.com.

I like the .tv extension. It certainly hasn’t done as well as I’d hoped. But I thought all the hoopla about Tuvalu sinking was an exaggeration. Maybe not. This excerpt from a talk by Mark Lynas on global warming would certainly seem to indicate there IS trouble ahead for .tv (not to mention the rest of the planet).

Listen to Mark Lynas PopTech 2005 –   On Tuvalu

Tuvalu Environment Ministry
Tuvalu woman doing her laundry.
Tuvalu Laundry Day
Tuvalu Meteorological Office
Tuvalu Meteorological Office

So maybe these domains are overpriced?

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3 thoughts on “Future Of .TV – I Thought They Were Kidding!”

  1. I would be very interested in getting a high resolution jpeg of your picture of the Tuvalu kitchen for a music video I am producing and giving away for free to raise awareness of Climate Change. Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I can give you more details and can show you the project.


    Jules a.k.a.

  2. The images came from the Poptech talk by Mark Lynas. I see now that the link has gone bad and I’m not able to find the Poptech episode on YouTube. I would suggest you try to track down Mark Lynas who seems to remain active in climate change reporting. Best, John

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