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What if we could focus our ill will like a laser beam and simply (virtually) destroy evil-acting entities in one fell swoop? The internet enables that. The problem is in the details. Here’s the vision so far.

It’s a non-profit.

Anyone can ‘vote-up’ evil-doers for Netribution consideration.

Paid subscribers can ‘vote-up’ evil-doers at the second tier level. Their subscription fees pay for top-notch independent Investigative Reporters (like or to thoroughly research the evil-doers doings.

Upon completion of the Investigative Reporters research, a set of demands is generated.

This top tier of evil-doers having been decided, the Netribution community now choose an ultimate evil-doer for a Day of Netribution.

The Day of Netribution is announced, and on that day the extended community goes Gladiator (think Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, etc. not DOS) on the evil-doer, virtually destroying their online credibility forever.

The evil-doer will have recourse to make amends, but only upon having met the Netribution demands.

Only after satisfying the considerations of the Investigative Reporter is the matter then returned to the Netribution community where another vote would determine whether the candidate could remove their ‘evil-doer’ status and return to the interwebs.

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