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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Domains For SEO- Do They Still Matter? Kelvin Newman’s Take

A fun podcast I never miss is the Internet Marketing Insider from Great insights from the internet marketing trenches featuring Kelvin Newman and Andy White. I borrowed this clip from their recent Want a Sticky Website episode because it deals with a subject I know to be near and dear to domainers. Especially if […]

Odd Bedfellows


Normalizr Making Podcasts Sound Good

How obvious is this? Maybe it’s out there already? Adding it to my bright ideas with a domain name and a Twitter handle list.  A cloud based, enterprise level, podcast audio and video normalization and enhancement service. Optimize your audio or the audio of your video file for volume and balance, i.e. all voices in […]

Startup Social Proof Number One – Your Domain Name!

Marco used credit cards to put 30% down on a $36,000 domain name. Financed at 6%, he used Moniker’s escrow service to purchase – before he even had a product!

UrlFriends Social Link Exchange

All those link exchange requests you get? Unless I know the site, or they’re advertisers, I don’t respond. But what if there was a site where you could interact with other developers, around sharing backlinks?