Why You Need A Domain Guy On Your Team

Domaining can be addictive. It was for me. After that first big (for me) sale, I became obsessed with domains. It became a real time suck and I really wouldn’t wish it on anybody. But the upshot is that I know quite a bit about them. Where to find them. How to track them. How to buy them.

Probably the best example of how I was able to be useful, a part of the team, was for Sal Khan, in helping to acquire KhanAcademy.com (story here). Subsequently I helped them acquire a bunch of strategic domains that help keep their brand secure. But it took years! Watching and knowing about what was going on. Having alerts set up for when something was about to drop. And that’s why I’m suggesting you need a ‘domain guy’. Someone in the domain camp to be looking out for you.

If you have a brand and need some help building a strategy for protecting it as far as domains goes. Drop me a line.
If you have your heart set on a domain and no idea of how much it’s worth or how to make an offer for it. Drop me a line.
If you’re about to launch a company and need some help brainstorming a name/domain. Drop me a line.
For very reasonable consulting fees I can help you understand the playing field and build an action plan.
Please start at my Contact page. I will reply via email.

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