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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Organic Coffee Sticks – Hemp Stirs Hemp Sticks

500 billion cups of coffee served a year. Every time I reach for one of those wooden stir sticks at Starbucks for a 3 second stir of my coffee I get creeped out thinking of those logging trucks full of beautiful trees rolling out of the British Columbia forests. If you already know about industrial […]

Good Domainer / Bad Domainer

Domaining ethics? Do I hear you laughing? See a lot of strange, creepy, domaining going on? This post will offer a suggestion for how we can make a positive contribution as well. But first… I’m always shocked when I hear about giant corporate brands not ‘getting’ domain names–spending huge dollars advertising billboard slogans they haven’t […]

Kissing Gum

Kissing Gum, what a great way to tell someone you’re in the mood. Domain is for sale or lease.

New Startup Domain Name

Things have changed but I still have… As a matter of fact I recently got my hands on as well!

Band Name Wood Conk

Extremely difficult to find a cool band name with an available .com domain for it. I always have my ear out for a phrase that would make a great band name. I think I’m going to use this one myself. Wood Conk.