Organic Coffee Sticks – Hemp Stirs Hemp Sticks

500 billion cups of coffee served a year. Every time I reach for one of those wooden stir sticks at Starbucks for a 3 second stir of my coffee I get creeped out thinking of those logging trucks full of beautiful trees rolling out of the British Columbia forests. If you already know about industrial hemp, this will make a lot of sense. But whether it’s hemp or flax or sunflower stocks – why can’t we get a non-plastic stir stick for our coffee that doesn’t hurt trees?

Hemp + Coffee = HempStirs

8 thoughts on “Organic Coffee Sticks – Hemp Stirs Hemp Sticks”

  1. Hi Brandon, It’s still just an idea and a domain name but we’re getting closer. I think it’s time for me to dive back in and see what I can make of this. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Please contact me, we grow hemp and would love to maybe partner on your drean

  3. Hi, yeah well it’s still a great name/domain for a great idea IMO. I’ve had a few inquiries that seemed to be from hemp growers, who I then never heard back from… maybe they’re on the case but with a different name? Otherwise I keep checking in locally with the hemp growing community, which here is basically STILL just getting started (in Humboldt County!!). Not to mention a shortage of cash available for development. I’m one of those people plagued by ideas but I do revisit this one regularly with the intention of developing at least a prototype. Part of the problem is regulation in the sense that it would need to be something like ‘food grade’ and I don’t think we have even State regs for that yet, let alone Federal. Any suggestions?

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