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What if we could focus our ill will like a laser beam and simply (virtually) destroy evil-acting entities in one fell swoop? The internet enables that. The problem is in the details. Here’s the vision so far. It’s a non-profit. Anyone can ‘vote-up’ evil-doers for Netribution consideration. Paid subscribers can ‘vote-up’ evil-doers at the second […]

NFC is coming. This domain registration is around an idea where a store or restaurant owner creates an NFC Here! sticker encoded with the information they want to share via NFC. That simple- log in to, fill out a short form, and pay for the number of stickers you want. A few days later, […]


Have you been to Brazil?  Saudade de Brazil. Imagine having a site/business that would take you to Brazil a few times a year. I can dream can’t I! (Click arrow to listen) Brazilian Bermimbau

Branding With Available Domain Names – A Case Study

When you have a ‘great’ idea, one of the first-actions you can take is to register the best domains you can find to brand the idea. Even if you don’t execute, the perfect domain name may turn out to have some value later when someone else discovers the idea and decides they want to build […]

Flickr + RSS = Flickrss

Hear me out now. Sure, one of the most obvious mistakes a domain noob can make is registering domains that include trademarks. And certainly Flickr has a trademark. So what am I doing these years later registering a trademark domain? Learning another lesson?  The hard way? Perhaps, so let me state this up front. If […]

One Off Records –

A one-off thing is made or happens only once. This is an idea I’ve had for a long time that I keep coming back to do more research on. Recently I was able to register a great domain for the business. Basically the idea, based on 30 years in music, is to gather musicians together […]

Shoe Toss –

There’s a LOT of Shoe Toss content out there. Besides the original buzz, a lot of the meme can be traced back to a game called SockAndAwe that was created by Alex Tew. From TechCrunch Europe Dec. 17, 2008 Alex Tew, the Uk entrepreneur most famous for creating the Million Dollar Home Page, has stumbled […]

Organic Coffee Sticks – Hemp Stirs Hemp Sticks

500 billion cups of coffee served a year. Every time I reach for one of those wooden stir sticks at Starbucks for a 3 second stir of my coffee I get creeped out thinking of those logging trucks full of beautiful trees rolling out of the British Columbia forests. If you already know about industrial […]

Kissing Gum

Kissing Gum, what a great way to tell someone you’re in the mood. Domain is for sale or lease.

New Startup Domain Name

Things have changed but I still have… As a matter of fact I recently got my hands on as well!